VHQ Media worked with Leo Burnett to create these two beautiful spots for SK-II: Sakura and Butterflies. These Japanese influenced spots needed to disrupt the in-store environment, and capture consumers’ attention with arresting images.

The origami for the key visuals were designed and created by two esteemed origami artists with selected silver textured “kami” (papers). One challenge was to match the textures of our 3D models to that of the real origami photographed for the print campaign. The actual origami that the artists folded and sculpted also had moving parts, which we imitated down to the details out of respect for the artists, and this Japanese art practiced since the Edo period. The virtual camera work and animations for each of these displays were planned such that they looped uninterrupted. We also had to ensure that these animations could work on SK-II’s 4K horizontal as well as vertical LED screens.

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