This Webfilm, featuring Rani (Co-Founder of Alenka & Margo), depicts the parallel imagery of famous jewelers’ search for the rarest best gems to craft, and their search for perfection in their skincare.

The story is an analogy of how Citra similarly searches for miracles of nature, such as the rarest pearls to create the lightening minerals and amino acids essential for glowing skin. Highlighted are the exceptional ingredient of (Korea’s) Akoya Pearl, as well as Citra’s knowledge, expertise and craft in harnessing the benefits. VHQ performed Online and Color Grading. VHQ’s renowned expertise in skincare (post productions) comes into play to help romanticize the story, while at the same time accentuate the sensual beauty of the female talents, and soft glowing look of skin, touched by Citra.

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