VHQ Media worked with MullenLowe to conjure up an infectious social media campaign for Unilever’s Lifebuoy. VHQ Media produced this with our Creative Director / Director Alain Lim at the helm.

“The Falling Drop” gave audiences the false impression that there were two separate posts. The fun began when the gel oozed itself out of the tube, out of the first video post, crumpled the Likes and Comment on its way down, dropped into the second video post, and landed on the talent’s finger, who then lathered it into so much foam that it took over the screen. “The Foam Screen” was planned to be a reverse of that chronological order. The “Upside Down” and “Run for It” posts, on the other hand, were designed for infinite looping.

This campaign was filmed in chroma green. Against vast sheets of green, and with stand-in props wrapped in more green, actors often have to dig deep to imagine how the completed shot would look like, and perform in that regard. Directing a talent to deliver persuasive acting in this simulated environment is a tall enough order. Throw a five years old in the mix, and the challenge just goes up a few more notches. In “Run for It”, we had to guide the child talent to run into frame, look up and fix his gaze in the direction of the dreamed-up falling gel, picture when that gel would hit him and react, and give a cheeky expression as he ran out of screen, all in a single take.

Most of the foam in this campaign was filmed live and composited in post-production. The gel was created in post so as to infuse it with the behaviour of a comic wobble. This was most apparent in “Upside Down”, and became the main comedic driver in that spot.”

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