This real life adventure features famous jeweller Teaw (Co-Designer of T.Twinkle Brand) joining Citra on its search for the rarest pearls (miracles of nature) to create the lightening minerals and amino acids essential for glowing skin.

On reflection, Teaw discovers that Citra shares the same philosophy as jewelers who search for the rarest best gems to craft, and perfection in their skincare. She feels enthralled by Citra’s commitment to source only the very best pearl (Korea’s Akoya Pearl), and extract their richness for beauty, with their knowledge, expertise and craft.

VHQ, renowned for expertise in skincare (post productions), performed Online and Color Grading, to fully heighten the power of this Webfilm to bring across the charismatic persona of the main talents, as well as Citra’s promise of soft glowing look for skin.

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