My Love

My Love | 2021 | Directors: Han Tian

In a fight, Zhou Xiaoqi (Xu Guanghan), a long-time swimming student, fell in love with You Yongci (Zhang Ruonan), a newcomer transfer student at first sight. Zhou Xiaoqi silently guarded You Yongci, but the girl followed him without notice. do not. In the following life, Zhou Xiaoqi didn’t enter the university. He suddenly found You Yongci while working as a network administrator. So Zhou Xiaoqi re-entered You Yongci’s university, just to stand in front of her again and continue his career. The encounter between the two was not as sweet as imagined. The “time to fall in love” always did not belong to Zhou Xiaoqi, although the best friend Zhang Fang (Ding Guansen) and others tried their best to help Zhou Xiaoqi pursue love, but You Yongci already has Accompanied by the senior (played by Liang Jingkang). After graduating, the two people were on separate sides, but fate once again allowed them to meet each other. The rest of their lives will be a long-distance run of love for 15 years. Your wedding is also my coming-of-age gift. VHQ participated in the production of special effects for the film.

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