Kunlun Shrine

Kunlun Shrine | 2020 | Directors: Zhang Yu

“Kunlun Shrine” is produced by Shanghai Tencent Penguin Film and Television Culture Communication Co., Ltd., directed by Zhang Yu, and co-starred by Wang Longzheng, Wang Ziyun, Han Yezhou, Liu Bo, Ma Yi, Yang Xing, etc.

The film tells the story of MoJinXiaoWei Hu Bayi, Shirley Yang, and Wang Pangzi, in order to unlock the secrets of the dust beads, and a group of Hong Kong antique dealer Ming Shu who wants to find the “crystal corpse” formed an expedition to go to ancient times. The ruins of the Kingdom of Grid and the Dragon Peak Glacier of Kerami look for Guge Silver Eyes and Ice Crystal Skeletons, but unexpectedly encounter crises such as the mysterious giant White Ape and the White Wolf King. After many twists and turns, they finally escaped from the danger. VHQ participated in the production of special effects for the film.

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