Detective Chinatown

Detective Chinatown | 2019 | Sam Quah、Lai Mukuan、Yao Wenyi、Dai Mo

Detective Chinatown was a comedic and ratiocination style internet drama, with Chen Sicheng as the executive producer and chief screenwriter, starring by Ke Wenli Lai mukuan, Yao Wenyi, Dai Mo to direct, Qiu Ze, Zhang Junning, Wang zhen’er, Chen Zheyuan, Cheng Xiao, Shi Mingshuai, etc.

Detective Chinatown was composed by 3 story units and each story unit includes four episodes. The 3 story units are: The Dance of Mandala, Name of the Rose, Ghost Invitational. VHQ has participated in the production of VFX for the 3rd story unit “Ghost Invitational”. Production contents include: UI design and production in Game World, 3D effects of bullet shot in Game World, the full-CG shot at the opening, big screen compositing effect, etc.

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