Martial Universe | 2018 | Zhang Li

Directed and written by Zhang Li, Martial Universe is an ancient fantasy wuxia series, starring Yang Yang, Zhang Tian-ai, Wu Zun, Wang Li-kun and co-starring Shi Xiao-long, Liu Yan, Suo Xiao-kun, Dong Qing, Yang Hao-yu, Feng Jun-xi and Gong Lei and more. The drama series revolves around a passionate and inspiring story depicting how Lin Dong, a left-out disciple and descendant of a clan in a small town, overcame the great tribulation to thwart the villains and eventually became a big hero for saving the doomed world, and got love and friendship at the same time.

2,729 shots in the series were made by VHQ, consisting of dark smoke at the beginning of the drama, the surface of the lake, mysterious stone (Yangyuan Shi), energy ball explosion (the core of immortals’ energy and power), Wand Dian’s transformation from purple smoke to human body, drifting particles, black crystal, magic seal, shinning symbols on the infinity stone, time-frozen skill, lava, monsters’ ghost, thunder and lightning skill, purple gold helmet, flaming city, metallic liquid, dark smoke with green light coming through, a huge magic formation by ancient Chinese four gods, time portal effects, self-immolation to save others by burning one’s own body, and the explosion of the egg-shaped magic stone fantastic skills and among other FX.

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