VHQ Media July 26, 2017

The China America Cinema Forum organized by CineHello was kicked off at Sofitel Wanda Beijing Hotel on July 26th, gathering some industrial insiders and moguls from China and the US to discuss the prospects for Sino-US co-production in the film industry, share their production expertise and express their views on the future of the industry.

Mr. Low, Chairman of VHQ Group was invited to take part in the session titled “Logic behind the postproduction market”. On the forum, Mr. Low Kok Wah and Mr. Huang Xinmao exchanged their views on the discrepancies between the Chinese and the US film industries, the way for China to improve the industrialization in the motion picture industry and issues about the talent pool for the filmmaking sector. Low pointed out that the difference in the industry lies in the people. Building high industry standards and cultivating excellent talents are the key to the post-production sector as it seeks to improve its quality.

Regarding the importance of talents, Low indicated that in the Western Hollywood countries only people who have at least eight to ten years of solid experience in the post-production industry, can they overcome the challenges of the tough projects. If China manages to address the problems in its educational system, it will be able to solve the problem from the source to some extent. What the postproduction needed is not only the general education in universities, but also the ability to solve practical problems. It also took Hollywood many years to be where it is now, and in many aspects we still need to learn from our counterparts. China actually is still in its infant stage when it comes to the FX production, and that can be shortened if it’s able to make a better education through cumulative attempts and quantitative changes. It is our firm belief that education or training will help the Chinese FX production industry stand on a road of fast development in the next five, six or even ten years.

In the meantime, Chairman Low stressed the importance of the stability of practitioners in the postproduction industry. He declared that the flow of talent is inevitable as the good people always choose the fields where they can put their own strengths and abilities to best use. One of the reasons that VHQ can keep a healthy and sustainable development is to follow this simple principle and philosophy. In addition to the equal conditions of facilities and devices owned by the Company, VHQ shows more respect for talents to retain them rather than take a passive attitude as it works to empower associates to grow and prosper with a stable life to reduce the outflow of the best minds. He stated that a company is like a big family to make people feel warm, only a company who earns respect and admiration of all its employees, can they retain the good talents. The biggest responsibility of a company is to make sure that all its employees can maintain a good life, develop a promising career and be well respected.

As reaching the consensus on the education of the post-production industry, CineHello and VHQ jointly announced the establishment of “VHQ CineHello Academy”, the two sides will deepen the education cooperation in the film and post-production sector.