VHQ Won Silver and Bronze Awards of 2020 IAI

VHQ Media September 10, 2020

On September 10, 2020, the 20th IAI Awards ceremony ended in Beijing.

This year’s IAI International Advertising Awards has received 2581 work cases and more than 400 “anti-epidemic” public service advertisements submitted by 617 companies. The number of nominations was 628, and the number of “anti-epidemic” public service advertisements shortlisted was 35. These works were selected and reviewed carefully, rigorously and impartially by the final judges, a group of over 200 experts from various vertical fields and authorities in academics, business, media and advertising fields.

The two work cases-“JD -The Kingdom of All Things” and “Midea Residential Air Conditioner”-submitted by VHQ Beijiing, stood out from the 628 nominations and won one silver and one bronze awards in the film craft category.

First of all, we should express the gratitude to the artists who have worked hard for these two projects day and night, because your dedication has ensured the normal delivery of the projects and the affirmation of our work; to our client for allowing us the opportunity to produce a high-quality product; to the director for his seamless cooperation with us in the process of the project; and to the judges of IAI International Advertising Award for their recognition of us.

Artists of JD-Kingdom of All Things

Artists of Midea Residential Air Conditioner

This year’s IAI International Advertising Award Ceremony presented us with more and more creative advertising works. With the continuous development of the times, the overall advertising industry has become diversified. More inspirations are waiting for us to explore and more creative ideas are waiting for us to develop. It is these diversified international cultures and unlimited creative inspiration that make advertising people constantly walk at the forefront of the times.