VHQ Media April 27, 2019

Alibaba’s UCAN 2019 Design Conference rang down its curtain in Hangzhou on April 27, 28, 2019

With the theme of “make business beautiful and simple”, this annual design conference is sponsored by Alibaba Design. The conference gathered over 4000 designers including 13 famous designers, and designers from 9 professional forums, 6 workshops and 1 party, exploring the boundary of design and keeping up with the design’s future together.

Guo Yu, VP of TVC Department in VHQ Beijing, was invited to attend this professional forum “New Media, New Horizon” which was sponsored by Alibaba Design. He shared his personal experience on new media area, and exchanged views on the development trend of new media’s future with other guests.

The forum started with a series of discussions around “interviews”. Mr. Liang Mo, from USC-SJTU Institute of Cultural and Creative Industry, together with Mr. Kuang Jiangjun, founder of UID VFX Team, stated their professional insights and views separately on the transmission trend of film and TV industry and new media.

This professional forum New Media, New Horizon gathered many brilliant views from professionals in national film, TV and advertising industry. In this forum, we witnessed a series of changes of new media. We also believe that this forum has established a clear direction for many newbies who just start their trip in new media area.