Compositor — 合成师

6年 之前发布

The comp artist takes on relevant FX and comp tasks for movie shots based on the requirements of assigned shots. 

Job Requirements

  1. Be at ease with main comp software of Nuke and have a good working knowledge of Roto and tracking.
  2. Be able to perform a solo job on compositing shots based on the requirements with good learning skills.
  3. Have a strong ability to understand and communicate.
  4. A good team player and is happy to help others.
  5. Possessing a good eye for aesthetics and color with education background in such majors as art and design will be a plus.



  1. 根据所分配的镜头,完成院线电影级别镜头的合成及相关的特效工作。


  1. 熟练运用以Nuke为主的合成软件,良好的Roto抠像跟踪技术基础。
  2. 能够按要求独立完成镜头合成,具有良好的学习能力。
  3. 具备较强的理解能力与沟通能力。
  4. 具备良好的团队意识、互助意识。
  5. 良好的色彩及审美力,美术、设计等相关专业背景更佳


工作分类Mid, Senior