VHQ Media January 2, 2018

The Digital Marketing Committee of China Advertising Association of Commerce (here in after referred to as the “Digital Committee”) officially announced that VHQ Media Holding Group joined the Committee and became its member on January 2nd, 2018.

The Digital Committee of China Advertising Association of Commerce is formed voluntarily by institutions and organizations involved in the digital broadcasting business such as various types of digital media represented by internet, digital marketing planning and agencies, brand owners, investigation agencies as well as universities, etc., and is a non-profit organization that specializes in cross-media communication, which follows the business leadership, supervision and management of CAAC.

The Committee aims to unite the main groups and individuals in the field of digital commercial communication, integrate the upstream and downstream resources in the digital marketing industrial chain and open up more channels for cooperation as well as expand brand communication to promote and establish a free and legal competitive environment for the digital marketing market that is guided by the industry self-regulation system as it seeks to constantly improve competitiveness of brand owners in the market to help them to establish a market featured by integrity, efficiency and sustainable development.

With the rapid development of the Chinese digital marketing market and the blossom of internet, computer communications and digital interactive media, visual effects and post-production are playing an increasingly important role in transmission and communication. VHQ makes the best use of its strengths and works with the Digital Committee to focus on the digital industry and dig out the latest value at the forefront of the industry as it remains commitment to bringing together outstanding members and talents from all industrial chains as a way to enhance the healthy development of the digital marketing industry.