Lighter — 灯光师

5年 之前发布

The lighting artist takes on all lighting tasks on shots. Candidates at senior level are required to standardize scene light based on different shots. The lighting artist is also required to complete texture and shader for all digital assets. He/She is responsible for adjusting shots, splitting files and delivering render files in line with the defined solutions in the rendering process, as well as checking sequence after rendering and doing pre-comp. He/She must produce deliverables on schedule while maintaining good work quality. 

Job Requirements

  1. Have a good knowledge of art with rich experience in using lighting to build atmosphere and a thorough knowledge of Maya production and workflow. Work independently with a clear-cut vision and great passion.
  2. Be able to communicate well with FX supervisors delivering constructive ideas and control story emotion through the lighting.
  3. Be proficient in common texturing software, such as Photoshop.
  4. Be good at traditional light making and main render software such as Arnold and Mental Ray, or similar, and be able to render animation of high quality.
  5. Have a professional philosophy of layer rendering and shader in terms of physical property that are commonly used and be able to give post-production team compositing support.
  6. Production experience in live-action films is preferred and candidates with artistic background will be a favoured.



  1. 完成镜头灯光的工作,高级灯光师需根据不同镜头做场次的标准灯光;
  2. 完成数字资产的贴图和材质制作;
  3. 在渲染阶段根据之前定的方案,调试镜头、拆分文件、提交渲染;
  4. 渲染完成后检查序列, 并且完成预合成;
  5. 按照项目的制作时间表完成工作,并达到质量要求。


  1. 拥有良好的艺术修养,对利用灯光营造气氛拥有丰富的经验。熟悉以Maya为平台的流程和制作,充满热情、思路清晰、独立性强。
  2. 能够与视觉效果总监进行有建设性的沟通,利用灯光把握故事情绪。
  3. 熟练使用常用的贴图绘制软件, 例如:Photoshop。
  4. 熟练掌握传统灯光设置, 掌握常用主流渲染器的用法, 如Arnold、Mental Ray或类似级别的软件,能够进行高级别的动画渲染。
  5. 精通渲染的分层理念,深刻理解现在常用物理属性材质的理念, 能过为后期团队提供良好的合成支持。
  6. 拥有实际实拍电影制作经验的优先考虑, 拥有传统美术背景者优先考虑。


工作分类Mid, Senior