FX Artist — 特效师

5年 之前发布

The scene FX artist is responsible for all sorts of CG FX elements including granule, fluid, rigid, water, clouds, smoke, fire and explosion to meet the production needs of different shots. The character FX artist is responsible for simulating hair, cloth and cluster.

Job Requirements

  1. The ideal scene FX artist must have rich experience in dynamics simulation, hair, cloth and cluster and be at ease with at least two above fields and be proficient in main Maya workflow with experience in nCloth, Miarmy among other similar tools and software.
  2. Have a basic knowledge of render module and wrangle render related issues and be able to communicate with other departments.
  3. The ideal character FX artist must have rich experience in-depth knowledge of software workflow and be eager to face challenge with a clean-cut thinking and full of passion.
  4. Good inter-personal skills in communicating with FX supervisors and leaders, and finish FX tasks efficiently.
  5. Be good at learning and sharing new knowledge and have up-to-date knowledge of techniques and solutions within the industry.



  1. 场景特效师负责模拟各类三维特效元素、粒子、流体、刚体、水、云烟火爆炸等,满足电影镜头的制作需求;毛发特效师负责毛发、布料以及群集的模拟。


  1. 毛发特效师拥有动力学模拟,毛发、布料、群集方面的丰富知识并且至少精通两个领域,且熟悉Maya为主的制作流程,有过使用nCloth 、Miarmy等或同类型制作工具的经验。
  2. 了解渲染模块,能够解决相关渲染问题,并且能够与其他部门做好沟通。
  3. 场景特效师有用资深特效软件制作经验且充满热情、思路清晰、勇于迎接挑战。
  4. 能够与视效总监以及Leader有效沟通,高效完成特效方面的制作。
  5. 善于学习,乐于分享,了解行业内最新技术和解决方案。


工作分类Mid, Senior